IC Companys bans the use of angora wool

Nov 26, 2013, 10:49

IC Companys bans the use of angora wool


PETA, an international NGO working for animal welfare, has posted a documentary on the lives of rabbits used in angora production. The documentary has been shown in Danish television and the story has been covered in among others Danish, Norwegian and UK newspapers.


IC Companys finds this documentary most disturbing. No product is so important for the market and certainly not for us as a company that it justifies this mistreatment of animals. The practices shown in the documentary are clearly not in line with our policy and we will do our utmost to stop this practice.


We have therefore taken the decision to ban the use of angora wool in all IC Companys’ products which are not in production yet. This means the ban will be effective from the summer 2014 collection. We will only begin using angora again when we are able to set up a supply chain with full transparency in terms on animal welfare issues on the angora rabbit farms.


We have already started this process with our production offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact either our VP for Global Sourcing Charlotte Witmeur (cwi@iccompanys.com) or our Corporate CR Manager Morten Lehmann (mole@iccompanys.com).


For more information on how IC Companys works with animal welfare see http://icgroupmulti.wpengine.com/responsibility/planet/environmental-policy/


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