Statutory report

IC Group’s Board of Directors considers it its primary task to promote the long-term interests of the Group and its shareholders. The Board of Directors undertakes this task through the holding of five annual board meetings and ongoing communication and interaction with the Executive Board.

In the Group’s Corporate Governance report, the Board of Directors has responded to the Group’s responsibilities to its stakeholders, the environment, the duties of the Board of Directors and the Executive Board and the mutual collaboration between those two bodies. Use the link below to download the Group’s Corporate Governance reporting form.

The report describes the overall tasks and responsibilities of IC Group Management relating to the development of working procedures and principles in respect of:

  • the Group’s relationship with its stakeholders, including the general public and the press;
  • the Group’s external communication, including its Investor Relations Policy;
  • the composition and the duties of the Board of Directors, including its rules of procedures;
  • the duties of the Executive Board, including its rules of procedures;
  • the relationship between the Board of Directors and the Executive Board; and
  • the remuneration of and incentive programmes for Group Management and the employees.

The corporate governance reporting framework is intended to secure efficient, adequate and responsible IC Group management and has been prepared within the scope of IC Group’s Articles of Association, business concept, vision, mission and corporate values as well as the legislation in force and the rules for Danish listed companies.