Report on transactions in the Company’s shares made by officers of IC Group

Sep 27, 2016, 11:16

Alexander Martensen-Larsen, Group CFO, has in the period from 20 September 2016 to 26 September 2016 sold 9,730 shares in the Company. This sale was effectuated in connection with Alexander Martensen-Larsen subscribing for new shares under the terms of his warrant program.

In accordance with Article 19 of Regulation No. 596/2014 on Market Abuse and Implementing Regulation 2016/523, IC Group A/S has reported the following transactions carried out by Alexander Martensen-Larsen.


1. Details of the person discharging managerial responsibilities /
person closely associated
a) Name Alexander Martensen-Larsen
2. Reason for notification
a) Occupation/title Group CFO
b) First notification /change to notification First notification
3. Further information on the issuer of the securities in question
a) Name IC Group A/S
b) LEI code 5299000JKUD72PT4RQ13
4. Further information on transaction/transactions: must be repeated for (i) each type of instrument, (ii) each type of transaction, (iii) each date and (iv) each market place where the transactions have been executed
a) Description of the financial instrument, type of instrument
Securities code
b) Transaction type Purchase of shares
c) Price(s) and volume (s) Price(s) Volume(s)
    DKK 167.6 per. share

DKK 168.2 per. share

DKK 168.0 per. share

DKK 165.4 per. share

DKK 166.0 per. share

DKK 166.0 per. share

DKK 166.5 per. share

DKK 165.0 per. share








Aggregated information

– Aggregated volume

– Aggregated price


DKK 1,632,621.5
e) Date of transaction 20 September 2016 to 26 September 2016
f) Market place of transaction Nasdaq Copenhagen A/S (Copenhagen Stock Exchange)



IC Group A/S

Mads Ryder

Group CEO


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Jens Bak-Holder

Head of Investor Relations

Phone: +45 21 28 58 32


This announcement is a translation from the Danish language. In the event of any discrepancy
between the Danish and English versions, the Danish version shall prevail.