Reduction of share capital

Jan 28, 2008, 16:37


28 January 2008

IC Companys A/S – Reduction of share capital

At the annual general meeting of IC Companys held on 24 October 2007, a resolution was adopted to reduce the company’s share capital by DKK 5,859,250 nominal value, equivalent to the number of shares, 585,925, that had been bought back under the share buyback programmes during the period from 24 November 2006 to 29 June 2007 (Announcement no. 30/2007).

As payments have been made to the company’s shareholders via the share buybacks, the reduction of the share capital cannot be completed until three months after announcement of the resolution to do so in the computer information system of the Danish Commerce and Companies Agency.

Such an announcement was made on 25 October 2007. As no objections against the capital reduction have been received within the three-month period, the reduction has now been registered at the Danish Commerce and Companies Agency as of 28 January 2008. A number of shares equivalent to the reduction of capital, 585,925 shares, has concurrently been cancelled.

After the completion of the reduction, the company’s share capital is DKK 179,196,320 nominal value, consisting of 17,919,632 shares of DKK 10 nominal value each. The company’s portfolio of treasury shares has been reduced by the cancelled shares, 585,925 shares, and as at 28 January 2008 the company’s portfolio of treasury shares was 422,882 shares, equivalent to 2.4% of the total number of issued shares.

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