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Oct 22, 2008, 17:09


22 October 2008

IC Companys A/S – Annual General Meeting

At the Annual General Meeting of IC Companys A/S held 22 October 2008 the shareholders approved the annual report 2007/08.

In addition, the Annual General Meeting passed the following resolutions:

  • The proposal to distribute a dividend of DKK 4.00 per eligible share, a total of DKK 66 million, was adopted. The remaining profit of DKK 158 million for the year will be allocated to next year.
  • Niels Martinsen, Henrik Heideby, Ole Wengel, Anders Colding Friis and Per Bank were reappointed members of the Board.
  • As the company’s auditors Deloitte Statsautoriseret Revisionsaktieselskab was reappointed.
  • The Board of Directors was authorized to acquire for the company up to 10 per cent of the company’s share capital at the officially quoted price from time to time +/- 10%. The authority is valid until the Annual General Meeting next year.
  • The proposal of the Board to reduce the share capital by DKK 9,768,250 nominal value equivalent to the number of shares repurchased under the share buyback programmes carried out from 3 January to 27 July 2008 was adopted. The decision will without delay be filed with The Commerce and Companies Agency for publication in the Agency’s electronic information system. Provided that no material claims are raised within 3 months from publication, the reduction of the share capital is expected to be effected upon expiry of the 3 months’ term. After the reduction the share capital will be DKK 169,428,070.
  • The proposal of the Board of Directors that article 24 of the Articles of Association be amended so that the Board of Directors can appoint an Executive Board consisting of one to four members to be in charge of the day-to-day operations of the company, was adopted. . At the subsequent initial meeting of the Board of Directors Niels Martinsen was reappointed Chairman, Henrik Heideby and Ole Wengel were reappointed Deputy Chairmen.

The report by the Chairman and CEO at the Annual General Meeting will be available on IC Companys’ website.

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