Change in treasury shares

May 19, 2009, 18:29


19 May 2009

Change in treasury shares

Pursuant to Section 28a of the Danish Public Companies Act and Section 29 of the Danish Securities Trading Act it is hereby announced that Hanssen Holding A/S has increased its stock and voting shares in IC Companys A/S to above 5%.

Hanssen Holding A/S’s portfolio of shares in IC Companys A/S constitutes:

872,609 shares of DKK 10 nominal value,

corresponding to DKK 8,726,090 nominal value or 5.15% of the total number of issued shares.

IC Companys A/S

Niels Mikkelsen
Chief Executive Officer

Please direct any questions regarding this announcement to

Chris Bigler
Chief Financial Officer
+45 3266 7017

Thomas Rohold
Investor Relations Manager
+45 3266 7093