Historical comparative figures for the Group’s Premium brands

Aug 05, 2014, 7:59

As mentioned in connection with the announcement of the interim report for Q3 2013/14, IC Companys’ future quarterly reporting will be presented differently in order to reflect the financial performance of each of the three Premium brands that constitute the Group’s core business. Quarterly reporting for the non-core business will remain unchanged.


The new reporting will lead to enhanced transparency in respect of the performance of the individual business units in the core business. Prior to the announcement of the annual report 2013/14 historical and comparative data for the three Premium brands has been compiled.


The compiled historical and comparative data is only relevant for the performance of the two brands Tiger of Sweden and By Malene Birger which were previously reported collectively under the segment Premium Contemporary. The historical and comparative data for the brand Peak Performance remains unchanged as the brand previously constituted the only business unit in the Premium Outdoor segment.


For the Group’s non-core business, comprising the two brands Saint Tropez and Designers Remix, the performance will still be reported collectively.


The compiled comparative data has been attached to this announcement and is also available on the corporate website under: iccompanys.com/investors/results-reports/key-figures



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Rud T. Pedersen

Group CFO



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