Case: Litmus test

Our new processes and approach were put to the test by the Norwegian authorities in the spring of 2012. The Norwegian Climate and Pollution Agency (KLIF) picked ten of our styles and invited us to Norway for a full day meeting with the aim of receiving documentation and test reports showing that the styles were in compliance with existing Norwegian as well as EU legislation (REACH – Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemical substances). The meeting started with an explanation of our policies and processes for avoiding harmful chemicals in our products. This was followed up by an in-depth questions and answers session where we provided information on why we had and had not chosen to test the styles based on our risks assessments. The meeting ended with the Norwegian authorities congratulating us for our work and saying that we were one of the best companies they had ever examined. This event was subsequently featured in the Norwegian Textile Forum magazine. Read the full article here.

This story shows how we have gone from a relatively reactive approach to working with harmful chemicals to now working more proactively and knowledge-based than previously.