Working conditions

Our work with improving working conditions comprises both our work with promoting decent working conditions for our suppliers and for our own employees. Our approach it based on the belief that decent working conditions are a prerequisite for a sustainable business.

Besides the work we do directly in dialogue with our suppliers we also seek to improve working conditions beyond what is possible from our size through our membership of BSCI and DIEH. For more information including the BSCI Code of Conduct see the section about BSCI and DIEH.

Ban on Sandblasting
IC Group has always considered not working with harmful sandblasting as part of our work with promoting decent working conditions and as a part of BSCI’s criteria on Workplace Health and Safety. However, in light of the recent BSCI recommendation on issuing an explicit ban on sandblasting we have decided to issue a ban on sandblasting. In practice this does not entail any new practices in terms of securing safe working conditions but only that we now communicate explicitly about not using sandblasting.

Our employees
Our work to promote decent working conditions for our own employees includes a well-developed intranet where employees can find relevant information about working conditions including physical and psychological working environment, our workplace rights policy, health and safety organization etc. in all relevant languages. Furthermore our Statutory Survey on Working Environment provides us with important information on how to continuously improve our working environment.