People Policy

Our responsibility to support and respect human rights
IC Group supports and respects the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which is outlined in the UN Global Compact principles 1-6. We do this by continuously identifying and assessing potential adverse human rights impacts both internally in IC Group as well as in cooperation with our suppliers. Furthermore, we regularly assess opportunities for using our core competences to make a positive contribution to the realisation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Our work with Human Rights also includes our efforts to create a conducive working environment for our employees, which provides the opportunity to develop and achieve a good work life balance.

Furthermore, we use education both externally with our suppliers and internally as a mean to develop the capacity and understanding of the importance and value of working with human rights.

Read our current Transparency_in_Supply_Chains_Statement_2017 for information about our work to prevent modern slavery and human trafficking in our global supply chain. The statement is in accordance with the UK Modern Slavery Act.