Employee satisfaction

In IC Group our work with employee satisfaction is a continuous process which is closely followed by the top management.  Satisfied, engaged employees and empowering leadership are absolutely necessary in a high performing organization. Each manager sets new targets each year and both individuals and teams are assessed to develop a performance culture based on performance recognition and respect for work life balance.

To support this process, the annual Employee Survey ensures that we have a continuous idea of what our strengths are and where we need to improve. The overall results from this year Employee Survey shows that ‘Satisfaction & Motivation’ and ‘Loyalty’ results for IC Group are high with 72 points and 72 points, respectively. The score for Satisfaction and Motivation is the same compared to last year and when compared with the external benchmark of the European Employee Index (EEI), it is a good result, as the EEI score is 67. the loyalty score has improved by 1 point since 2014, which means that we have a satisfactory level of loyalty in IC Group. When compared with the external benchmark EEI, it is a good result, as the EEI score is 72.