Our Policy

In IC Group we recognise that we are part of an industry with many Corporate Responsibility (CR) challenges both in terms of complex supply chains and resource challenges to mention a few. Our overall approach is to take these challenges seriously and make sure that we are not a barrier to sustainable development. However, we would like to take it one step further and where possible work towards turning these challenges into opportunities where we can use our inherent creativity and strong innovation skills to make a difference and contribute to sustainable development.

For IC Group, CR is about not only making sure our products live up to our high quality standards and customer expectations, but also that they are produced responsibly. We consider CR to be an integrated part of our business and an essential element in our company’s profitability. Furthermore, our work with CR plays an important role in making sure IC Group is ready to meet future challenges.

IC Group’s CR efforts are grounded in the UN Global Compact’s 10 principles which are based on internationally adopted declarations and conventions on human rights, labour rights, environmental protection and anti-corruption. We use these principles and the United Nations Guiding Principles as the overall framework to guide our CR policies and implementation processes.

We pledge to work pro-actively internally as well as externally with our suppliers to promote compliance with these principles. Unfortunately, we will never be able to give a 100% guarantee of no cases of non-compliance, but we strive to make a positive difference and set up due diligence processes to avoid non-compliance issues. Furthermore, we use our Compliance Hotline to enable access to remediation in cases of non-compliance.

Our specific policies with regards to our social, environmental and economic responsibilities are elaborated under the headings People, Planet and Profit.

For questions regarding CR please use one of the following adresses depending on the brand:

Tiger of Sweden: info@tigerofsweden.se

By Malene Birger: info@bymalenebirger.com