Implementation framework

Our implementation framework provides us with guidance in our everyday CR work where the processes provide us with hands on guidance on how we operationalise our work. The overall principles are also used as guidance when we face a challenge or dilemma. Filling in the matrix is a continuous process which is aligned with our due diligence work.

The CR work is rooted in the CR department, and the implementation is integrated into the relevant departments in IC Group.

From Principles to Policies to concrete Processes – the 3×3 P’s

Proactive risk management
Our focus on creating even strong competences on CR is also an important part of our proactive risk management. We believe that by having the right CR competences in our design and sourcing departments we can be proactive in terms of identifying potential CR hotspots at an early stage. As examples can be mentioned increased knowledge about the environmental impact of certain materials, wet processing techniques etc. that enables designers and sourcers to make qualified decisions and reduce our risks of non-compliance. We also work in dialogue with our suppliers to become even better at identifying where our actions and decisions end up leading to non-compliance challenges for our suppliers.

While we still use audits of our suppliers to validate that what we do works, we believe that we get better risk management and more value for our money by allocating an increasing amount of resources into education both for our own staff as well as for our suppliers (read more in ‘Working with suppliers’).