Our overall approach focuses on being proactive and puts emphasis on education as a means to achieve our goals. Inspired by cradle to cradle thinking we aspire to start our CR thinking already in the design phase where some of the biggest impacts can be made on the overall sustainability of our products.

A cornerstone in IC Group’s approach is a continuous assessment of our CR risks and opportunities. This is essential for our efforts to secure compliance.  Equally importantly it enables us to prioritise and allocate resources to where we can make the biggest impact. This includes looking at our supply chain and working to identify where we have leverage to impact changes beyond our immediate size. For more information see the section about BSCI.

Moreover, we believe that for CR to be sustainable, it has to be integrated in the relevant functions within IC Group and our brands. Consequently, we have thus assigned responsibility for our CR issues and CR targets to the relevant functions.

Developing our CR competences
As a natural part of our overall approach and to facilitate the functioning of the implementation framework, we put a lot of emphasis on building CR competences among our own staff. Not only with the intention of creating more awareness of CR challenges and opportunities but also to allow our employees to take action and work strategically with CR.

For a full description of our approach and activities please read our latest corporate responsibility report COP 2017.