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Electronic communication with shareholders
At the Ordinary Annual General Meeting held on 27 September 2010 it was adopted to amend the Articles of Association for IC Group A/S so that the Company may now use electronic means to communicate with its shareholders.

IC Group A/S has decided to use electronic communication with its registered shareholders and the Ordinary Annual General Meeting held in 2010 was thus the last General Meeting of which printed notice was sent by postal service.

The use of electronic communication makes it possible for IC Group A/S to send notice of a general meeting, forward financial statements and any other significant information quickly and efficiently. At the same time it is environmentally friendly as information does not have to be printed and sent by letter and the costs in relation to printing and postage are reduced.

In order to send the information to you electronically we kindly ask you to provide us with your e-mail address. Please follow the below Registration procedure in order to register your e-mail address on the Shareholder Portal. It is your responsibility as shareholder to update your e-mail address should you change it.

Only registered shareholders may register their e-mail addresses at the Shareholder Portal. If you are not a registered shareholder, we encourage you to register your shares by contacting your custodian bank.

Registration procedure
How to register your e-mail address:

  • Press on the above link ”Login here”
  • Enter your securities account number
  • Enter your password or use your NemID
  • Select the tab “Settings” and write your e-mail address

After registration of your e-mail address, you will only receive notice of a General Meeting and any other significant announcements from the Company by e-mail.