Board of Directors

The composition of the Board of Directors is based on the Group’s requirement for solid experience of the fashion industry and general management expertise. In addition, IC Group requires that all members of the Board of Directors have broad professional capability, solid business experience and proven strategic and management skills, thus enabling the Board of Directors to deliver the best possible performance. When nominating new candidates for directorships, the Group takes into consideration the need for renewal and diversity in terms of, among other things, international experience, gender and age.

IC Group has signed the document ”Recommendations for more women on boards of directors”, and in the years to come it is our policy to make determined efforts to increase the number of female executives in our Group in general and the number of women nominated as candidates for directorships in the Danish limited companies of the Group. At 30 June 2014, the percentage of women sitting on the Board of Directors of IC Group A/S was 17%, and – like in previous years – the Group works to regularly recruit and train new female executives. The Group’s specific goal is to increase the number of female executives on the Board to 29% within a maximum period of four years.

The number of women on the Group’s Global Management Team is 29%, and in the coming years this percentage is expected to increase as well. Across other Group management levels, the distribution of men and women is equal.

The IC Group employees have chosen not to exercise the right to be represented on the Board of Directors, cf. the right set out in the provisions of the Danish Companies Act.

Each year, the Board of Directors carries out a self-evaluation based on clear criteria with a view to systematically assessing the result of the joint efforts of the Board of Directors, the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the individual director.