Investor relations
The Group has set out the objective to maintain a high and uniform information level as well as engaging in an open and active dialogue with investors, analysts and other stakeholders. Our Investor Relations Policy, financial statements, presentations, company announcements and other relevant investor information are available at the corporate website.

Investor meetings
During the financial year the Group hosts four webcasts in connection with the announcements of the interim reports and the annual report. Furthermore, the Company participates regularly in road shows, investor seminars and sets up meetings with individual investors and financial analysts.

Silent period
The four week period leading up to the announcement of financial reports or other significant information is deemed to be a quiet period which means that IC Group does not hold investor meetings during this period.

Investor Relations policy
IC Group’s Investor Relations aim to provide a high and consistent information level in order to enhance the company’s visibility and, thus, access to the capital market in order to secure the financial basis for continued growth.

The following general guidelines apply to IC Group’s Investor Relations:

  • All communication must project credibility and thus realistically reflect IC Group’s current situation and future expectations.
  • The information must be consistent and uniform and the Investor Relations function must be accessible to investors and other stake-holders.
  • IC Group’s communications with investors, analysts and the press are subject to special restrictions during a four-week period prior to the quarterly and annual financial statements.