Report on transactions in the Company’s shares and related securities by officers of IC Companys and connected persons

Nov 06, 2009, 9:37

Pursuant to section 28a of the Danish Securities Trading Act, the Company must file information on transactions by officers of the Company and connected persons:

Name Henrik Heideby
Reason Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors
Issuer IC Companys A/S
Securities code DK0010221803
Description Shares
Transaction Purchase
Trading date 5 November 2009
Market OMX – Nordic Exchange
Number 5,000
Market value in DKK 747,500

IC Companys A/S

Niels Mikkelsen
Chief Executive Officer

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Chris Bigler
Chief Financial Officer
+45 3266 7017

Thomas Rohold
Investor Relations Manager
+45 3266 7093

This announcement is a translation from the Danish language. In the event of any discrepancy between the Danish and English versions, the Danish version shall prevail.