Strategic focus areas

The three Premium brands operate within different areas of the Premium segment and have each their brand-specific strategy plans. However, especially three strategic focus areas are identical for all three brands.

International expansion

Internationalization forms a common corner stone of the growth plans. All three brands hold strong market positions in the Nordic region with a solid revenue and earnings base.

The Nordic region remains a focus area, and both revenue and earnings should be increased to the extent possible. However, to continue growth, the international potential of all three brands must be exploited by means of international expansion.

To begin with, this should primarily be achieved in focus markets in Europe and in the longterm perspective outside of Europe. The specific focus markets vary from brand to brand which is mainly due to the different brand characteristics, and thereby the differences of where the largest growth potentials lie. The specific focus markets of each brand are described in more detail for each Premium brand.

Distribution control

Enhanced distribution control is also a focus area which all three brands share. This area is crucial in order to retain and strengthen the brand positions and to protect the brand value.

The distribution channels – own controlled channels as well as wholesale channels – are the place where the consumer meets the brand and experiences the products. A strengthened cooperation with key wholesale customers is vital, but, particularly, own stores and the e-commerce platform play decisive elements when it comes to delivering the best possible consumer experience.

All three brands will gradually increase the share of own controlled distribution and will at the same time work on improved coordination of the brand experience across all distribution and communication channels in order for the consumer to always have a consistent brand experience, irrespective of channel.

Increased full price selling

Full-price selling plays an essential role in respect of maintaining the consumer’s brand perception and thereby the brand’s longterm value, and at the same time it contributes to an improved gross margin.

Higher full-price selling is not only about reducing discounted sales to the consumers and the wholesale customers but also very much about the correct amount of purchase of goods, stocking, optimization of product flow through collection structure and product depth as well as use of outlet capacity.

Consequently, all three Premium brands work on a number of initiatives with one common purpose which is higher full-price selling.