Group infrastructure

Infrastructure constituting the platform for continued growth and brand building

Similarities in brand structure and work processes across a large number of areas are many, in particular in respect of the supply chain, where the Global Logistics and Global Sourcing functions constitute key elements of the Group’s infrastructure. We aim to optimize and develop these areas to ensure that the Group has the very best basis for maintaining and further developing the competitive position of the individual brands in the market. We also aim to exploit the synergies realized by several brands using the same infrastructure.

The Global Logistics function not only provides competitive logistics solutions to the Group’s Premium brands. It also delivers specialized high-quality solutions, which is crucial to the Group’s business relations with leading department stores in Europe, where timely delivery is vital for building and maintaining long-term relationships. In addition to its responsibility for all logistics to the Group’s wholesale and franchise customers, Global Logistics is also responsible form distribution to end-consumers of the Group’s e-commerce channel.

Global Sourcing works closely with the design functions of each brand and is in charge of supplier management during the production process, thus helping maintain a high level of quality of the Group’s products while ensuring that costs settle at agreed levels. At the same time, the function ensures that Group guidelines and requirements for sustainable and responsible production are complied with. The Global Sourcing function also defines the strategic framework for selecting suppliers facilitated by a continued mapping of the global supplier landscape; a landscape which continues to change as pay levels increase and skills develop in the different geographical regions.

In addition, the infrastructure comprises IT and Financial Shared Services as well as the Group’s e-commerce platform, which is shared by all Premium brands. The platform is fully integrated into the logistics function and is technologically up-to-date. Not only is the e-commerce platform an important and fast-growing distribution channel, it is also an important strategic tool in developing the Group’s future “omni-channel” distribution.

”Omni-channel” refers to a structure with natural and invisible transitions between various distribution and communication channels. Whether the consumer is shopping online, in own-andoperated physical shops or at franchise partners, the consumer experience must be the same. And when it comes to Premium brands, the customer experience must be a premium experience. In an increasingly globalized, digitalized world, consumer behaviour is rapidly changing. Our new e-commerce platform is a strong tool for collecting consumer intelligence for use in developing the Group’s future distribution structure, thus enabling the Group’s Premium brands to give the consumer the same experience irrespective of their choice of distribution channel.