Consumer focus

The consumer plays a pivotal role in our strategy and achievement of results. However, in a world where everything is becoming more global and digitalized, the consumer behavior is changing rapidly. We are therefore constantly trying to better understand the consumer behaviour and the changes that it is undergoing. This is a key factor in ensuring that the Group’s brands stay relevant in their markets and meet consumer demands at any time.

retailIt is also crucial for us that we strengthen the control of the distribution channels which is the place where the consumers meet our brands and experience the products that we offer. Consequently, our own stores and e-commerce platform play a vital role when it comes to delivering the best possible consumer experience. In these channels we have full control and receive consumer feedback immediately.

We will therefore expand the network of own stores and boost growth of the e-commerce platform in the coming years. Store openings will take place based on a cluster approach where each store opening is supported by intensified efforts towards wholesale customers located in the area, targeted local communication as well as enhanced marketing through the e-commerce platform.

While gradually expanding the share of own controlled distribution, we are working on streamlining the brand experience across all distribution and communication channels to ensure that we offer a seamless consumer journey everywhere and whenever our consumers engage with one of our brands. We acknowledge the differences in consumer needs across geographical markets, but at the same time we also conclude that the modern consumer is less bound by geographical borders.