Peak Performance

07_160205_BM_PEAK_593_portraitAbout the brand
Peak Performance was founded in Sweden in 1986 by a couple of passionate skiers who decided to live their dream. Since then, we have been dedicated to making technically advanced Active wear and timeless Casual wear, all with uncompromising quality and the great outdoors as inspiration.

The Active collection (Ski, Outdoor,Training and Golf) is our heart and soul and where it all began. For 25 years we have created technical, fashionable and innovative active clothing that represents our passion for playful and colourful design.

The Casual collection is deeply rooted in our long history of making quality clothing. Styles are inspired by our outdoor heritage and characterised by natural materials, impeccable cuts, trims and details. Combined with technical knowledge from our active heritage – uniqueness is created.


About the product
Peak Performance is a lifestyle brand with a real story and long history. The Peak Performance consumer is not divided into age groups or by gender. We simply call our core consumers “Social Adventurers”. Social Adventurers are people who search for new experiences, enjoy being outside and being active, like hanging out with friends and meeting new people. They have an open mind, love skiing and great design. They like genuine things with a history and they never ever compromise when it comes to quality.

“Our products and everything we do adhere to the simple philosophy that we’ve had from the very beginning: Making products that we ourselves like and want to wear. It all started out with skiwear but then we realised we needed something to wear after the ski lifts closed.”

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