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ToS_Men_SS16-2Tiger of Sweden was founded in 1903 in Sweden and has its foundation in the strong menswear confection tradition and solid tailoring skills, refined for more than 110 years.

Today, Tiger of Sweden is a modern brand offering apparel to both men and women, including a jeans collection and accessory line.

Tiger of Sweden is thereby offering a wide range of products which all differentiate by a distinctive design characterized by ”a different cut”.


During the past ten years, Tiger of Sweden has generated solid and continued revenue growth which to a large extent has been driven by the Nordic core markets; Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. Combined, these markets account for the majority of the brand’s revenue and form a strong foundation of the business with solid earnings and further growth opportunities, and consequently, the markets in the Nordic region are still strategically important to Tiger of Sweden.

During the past few years, an increasing share of the brand’s growth has been realized in European markets, in particular Germany which accounts for approx. 15% of the brand’s annual revenue, but also England and France contributed. Whereas the expansion in Germany has been highly successful and stable during a number of years, Tiger of Sweden has not yet reached its targets for the expansion in England and France. However, both markets continue to be important focus markets and constitute crucial elements of the brand’s internationalization strategy. On the English market, the main focus is on London, and in France, the primary focus is on Paris and a number of large cities. On all foreign focus markets, growth plans are driven by the wholesale channel, however, the brand’s own e-commerce channel and physical stores play an increasingly larger role in respect of increased growth and strengthened brand awareness with the consumers.

Tiger Men is the largest and leading concept in Tiger of Sweden. The remaining concepts Tiger Women, Tiger Jeans as well as accessories and shoes are well-established in the Nordic core markets but are of minor importance outside the Nordic region. Consequently, in these markets the brand’s go-to-market strategy is based on Tiger Men as the spearhead of the expansion flanked by the Tiger Jeans concept which adds a certain edge to the brand compared to established competitors. Up until now, this combination has demonstrated to be very successful in Germany.


At the same time, for Tiger of Sweden it is important to increase the control of the brand’s position in all markets which must take place through increasing the number of branded sales areas, including shop-in-shops and physical stores as well as higher revenue deriving from own e-commerce. Similar to the Group’s other Premium brands, Tiger of Sweden is working on creating an even better integration between physical stores and the e-commerce channel in order for the consumer to be presented with a consistent brand experience across all sales channels.

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