Saint Tropez

About the brand
Since 1986, when Saint Tropez was established as a dynamic fashion brand aimed at girls and women, certain core values such as sound business practice and a customer-centric mind-set have served as the foundation of the brand’s success.

Saint Tropez became part of IC Group A/S in 2002.

The mission of Saint Tropez is to be the best at making younger women always feel updated and feminine dressed, with an attractive relation between price and quality.

Saint Tropez develops 10 collections a year with on-going deliveries and just three months from sketch to store rack – short-to-market. This allows the design team to respond to the latest trends, adjusting the collections accordingly and continuously optimising products based on an online feedback system, which is part of our own retail operations.

The Saint Tropez design team is committed to producing bestselling styles and always bringing them up to date. The focus is on the lower-medium market. Saint Tropez designs for the younger woman who loves fashion, yet is still price conscious.

About the product
The price range of Saint Tropez is relatively wide starting with low entry prices on more basic products. These prices help build the price perception, and ensure that consumers can find attractively priced items at every visit. More ‘exclusive’ products with many details/expensive fabrics are priced significantly higher, but always at the best possible prices and providing value for money.

The core customer is a younger, independent and feminine woman aged between 25 to 35 years, who loves fashion, yet is still price conscious. She knows what suits her and skilfully implements current fashion trends in her wardrobe, while staying true to her own feminine style.

This core customer serves as an aspiration for a much broader group. She is the girl we design the clothes for, and the girl we communicate to and use as a vehicle in our communication.

To buy products or learn more visit the Saint Tropez homepage.